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Kevin Smith

Dr. Walker has been amazing and the experience has only been 100% positive!

Bebe W

Words can not describe how grateful I am to find Dr Walker. I've had consolers before but none of them was as helpful, undrestanting, wise, knowledgeable and caring as Dr Walker. He's saved me many of times in hard situations in my life. Although he has a busy schedule but he always tries his best to be there for you. Once he skipped his lunch time to meet with me when I really needed his help. He helped me overcome my depression, anxiety and relationships issues. If you need help just reach out to him. I guarantee you won't get disappointed.

Sally Seralles

I highly recommend Dr. Walker to anyone who is seeking to experience personal growth in any phase of their life. He’s easy to talk to and a good listener. He helped me see things from a different perspective and also to understand how conditioning from childhood was affecting my relationships and my life in general. He taught me to accept my negative feelings, not hate them or use them as an excuse, but to slowly chip away at them. The self-talk he taught me is something I use all the time now to keep from beating myself up for whatever issue I’m dealing with. I had seen other counselors in the past but none had ever helped me to the extent that Dr. Walker did. If you need help, give him a call.

​Clarisa Carmona
My experience with Dr. Walker as a "Life Coach" has been extremely rewarding. He paves the path for a relationship of trust and compassion at the very onset and continues to maintain that level of professionalism and connection throughout as he guides you through an understanding of our false beliefs and conditioning that are holding us back from our true potential. The amount of personal growth I have experienced since meeting Dr. Walker has been invaluable and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking to improve their quality of life, their relationships at home and in the work place, and for overall personal expansion.

​Kay Reinhold

In January of 2015, when in an unanticipated family crisis turned our lives upside down at home, I sought counseling from Dr. Walker. After the initial interview visit, he sent me home with a "homework assignment" (I was immediately intrigued as a retired teacher!) - I was to look up any information online about "Post Traumatic GROWTH", something I'd never heard of before. He pointed out that so many people focus on the PTSD, they miss what the growth potential is in the bigger picture. Researching the Post Traumatic Growth gave me a new outlook on our family crisis as I began the really difficult work of learning about myself, and how I could control my own reactions to the crisis. Dr. Walker, while not subscribing to one faith over another, was respective of my deep Christian Faith and convictions about our family crisis, throughout the counseling sessions.

Cynthia Musetta
Dr. Walker is the greatest! He is really down to earth and very easy to talk to. He not only counsels you but teaches you how to cope and deal with your problems. He gives you as much or as little feedback as you want. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself! He genuinely cares about his patients and it shows. If you've ever thought about going to a psychologist but were hesitant about it, try Dr. Walker. You will be so glad you did!

Mark Knotts
A kind hearted and understanding professional who consistently goes above and beyond when helping patients.
Jeff Milton
One day a week for 52 weeks I would spend an hour with Dr. Steven Walker, in an effort to find a deeper understanding as to how I processed my feelings and experiences in both my personal life and
business. This was 5 years ago. Today our work continues to play a role in my everyday life. I've learned to view life through a different window, I'm at peace with what I can and cannot control. I've just recently reached out to him to let him know that his work lives on. Thank You Dr. Steven Walker
Dan Lemley
Where to begin? I first saw Dr. Walker at age 25 in Portland, Oregon, at his previous practice. At the time, I 'knew' that I needed nothing, but nonetheless something was off. I had previously been to therapists on and off for years, always with a similar outcome, someone telling me what they know about me and essentially they are the professional and I am the sick one. Dr. Walker had been referred to me as a "Life Coach", a term I hadn't heard before. Intrigued, I made an appointment. It was a different interaction than I have ever had before. Dr. Steve carried himself as an equal, he spoke with me like a friend would. I wasn't in a sterile office as a number, I felt like I was in a buddy`s living room just talking about life. He would ask well placed provocative questions that would stop me in my tracks and help me dissolve that ever-present ego that I never knew I was battling with. The sessions that followed always had something golden to walk away with, often times that would amplify at a later epiphany moment. Later on, he helped me find path and clarity on conflict resolution in some relationship issues my partner and I were facing. 

Our sessions were all in a range of 5-9 years ago, before Dr. Walker closed his Oregon office. I recently scheduled a long overdue phone session with Dr. Walker, (Tampa is a bit of a hike from Portland). What an amazing experience to be able to review so much of this path I have traveled, so many paradigm shifts. I have become able to be present in the moment, to appreciate what I am, not what I think I should be... balance. I owe a lot of that to seeds planted by the Dr. Walker. I am so grateful to have crossed path with a therapist that works in such a respectful and caring manner.

Linda Flack
They say there are reasons and seasons why people cross your path at certain times in your life. You may know someone for just a few months in the Fall or you may meet them on a plane ride and never speak to them again - but have awesome, honest dialogue.
Dr. Steven Walker crossed our path at one of the most difficult seasons of our life - and for a reason that unfortunately, is affecting so many people. Addiction, depression, and all that goes with it. Our oldest son called one day from grad school to tell me he had a serious addiction and depression problem and needed help. I had no idea of where to turn about this. No. Idea. All I knew was I needed to get him HOME and find HELP. It's not something you post on Facebook - "hey, any locals - anyone know a good Psychologist who can deal your adult child's most personal issues? PM me."
I was fortunate to be given Dr. Walker's number and I'll never forget the first conversation we had; I was in my car and he returned my call in the evening. Who does that? Dr. Walker does. We chatted briefly and he was calm and assured me that if my son wanted the help, he would be able to help him. I liked his voice; the confidence in his words. Meeting him in person only confirmed that he was the real deal. Consistently. Not only did Dr. Walker help my beautiful, funny, talented, sensitive son get back on the track of "living" - Dr. Walker has taught him and continues to teach him the tools he will need to continue to grow and face life's challenges and temptations. As parents, Dr. Walker made it clear to us right off, that these issues our son was experiencing was not a personal affront to our parenting skills. It's very easy to fall into the "what did we do wrong" trap. Don't do it. If you are a parent and have a child in turmoil, you may be nodding your head right now in agreement. Dr. Walker can help both of you. I know this first hand. It's a process, for sure, it IS work on everyone's part but so worth it.
Sarah Lincoln
Thanks to my father I found Dr. Walker and was finally able to sort through layers of issues I hadn't been dealing with for years. Walking out of his office on day one had me electrified! I had gotten further in one hour with Dr. Walker than I had in years seeing other therapists. Dr.Walker is the real deal! He is professional, kind, patient, open-minded, easy to talk to, funny, understanding, insightful, genuine and passionate. Dr. Walker was so fantastic and effective that six members of my family went to see him to sort through whatever issues they needed addressed resulting in great success. If you are ready to do the work within and put to use all the wonderful tools he has to offer then go see him!! You owe it to yourself!
Daniel Blachowski
Dr. Walker gave me the tools to navigate through a rough patch in my personal life and career. His approach is supportive, nurturing, logical and empowering. Dr. Walker's style of CBT enabled me to overcome patterns of thought that I hadn't been able to with other forms of therapy in the past. I highly recommend him, he is kind, confident and very skilled, I am sad that he left Portland, OR where I was lucky enough to meet him.
Aloysius Fobi
Dr. Walker is a rare jewel in the field of psychology. As a practicing physician I went to Steve to help me through some pretty rough times I was having. What is amazing about the experience is that not only did Steve help me through the problems I was having at the time I went to him he also help me unravel and discard a lot of the mind trash that I has lingering from my childhood. Several years later I am truly a better person for having been Dr. Walker's patient. I have referred family members, friends and a few of my own patients to him and they all can't say enough good things about how much he has helped him.
Erik M
Dr. Walker (Steve as he likes to be called) is a special individual who helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I was struggling with betrayal in my marriage, recent return home from Afghanistan and some unknown childhood traumas that placed me in painful and uncertain state of mind. He creates a safe and comfortable environment, one without judgement, and helps facilitate you along a journey of discovery and healing. He turned me on to some great books and gave me some tools to use in times of crisis that allowed me to find better footing. He was flexible to meet on short notice and even met me for a walking session which I found therapeutic. His rates were unbelievably affordable and he even offered some free session time as well as short notice calls showing his sincere concern for me. I am sorry he left Portland, OR, he is missed, but I plan on continuing our relationship through this new service using phone or video. I am not one to write reviews, but this is an easy one to place and comes with sincerity and best wishes to the success of his practice.  Erik M

Jesse Swonger
Dr Walker was amazing. I had gone to see other Doctors, but they always wanted to prescribe medication. And I really didnt want to be on any meds. Dr Walker challenged me from our first appointmnet. Changing they way I thought and looked at life. He helped me through the most challenging time in my life. He is a amazing Dr that TRULY cares about how you feel, and wants to help you change for the better.
Charlene Bjorklund
Dr. Steven is truly great at cognitive behavioral therapy. He helped me to make lasting positive changes that have affected every part of my life for the better. Prior to my therapy with Dr. Walker, I was sure that it would take medication to change my emotional reactions to thoughts and feelings. Through some diligent practice and much coaching, I learned that my thoughts and habits could be trained and sculpted like a bonsai to go in specific directions that only I can control. The time was truly transformational, and not in a creepy, cultish way. Thank you Dr. Walker!
Rhiannon O'Brien
Dr Steve helped me find the confidence I needed to battle addiction and pursue happiness. He never made me feel judged or told me what to do. He encouraged me to a positive path, and taught me the tools to maintain it.
Janet Olsson
Dr. Walker is amazing! I had just returned to my hometown after two-years of a bad relationship and an incredibly traumatic job in NYC. Immediately, I felt like I could be completely honest with Dr. Walker. He is supportive and yet was able to push me to really look at aspects of my life and my thinking that I had been avoiding. The tools he provided me with I find myself using every day. It's all about how you frame things. Dr. Walker helped me figure out how to change up my frames :)
Todd M
Steve gave me the tools to work through a rough time in my life and with my Ambivalence. His approach is logical and empowering. Dr. Walker enabled me to recognize and overcome my ambivalent pattern. I am sorry to see him leave Portland. He is a wonderful person and truly cares about people and helping them overcome obstacles. Good luck in Florida.
Eric Lincoln
When I called Dr. Walker and told him that my life was a train wreck, I didn't expect him to know what I was going through. I shared my painful past experiences that seems to be a deterrent and distraction from where I wanted to be emotionally. Dr. Steve was able to provide me with a set of 'tools' to use and help me understand how to deal and cope with these destructive thoughts and feelings. I believe that it was this understanding, empathy and education that brought me to who I am today.
I now have a wonderful life with my wife and children. Changing the way I approached the problems that would encroach into my life made a huge difference. Thank you Dr. Walker for your awesome insightful observation and your understanding. This has made the difference between a life lived and a life lived peacefully. You are the best!
Erik G
Steve was a massive help to me over the few years that we met. He is very intelligent, articulate and empathetic. Before my appointment I was really worried that I was going to get the usual treatment (listen, prescribe drugs, move on) that I'd had at so many doctors before. The work we did helped me get through some difficult emotional/mental issues I was having. Can't recommend him highly enough.

The following reviews were submitted by clients who asked to remain anonymous:
**Posted on behalf of Dean J., a former client**

Dr. Steve helped me and my wife through some very dark times. He provided tools and how to use them in ways that helped us engage not only each other in a loving space, but treat ourselves with the compassion we would treat others. He is a no nonsense practitioner who helps you understand yourself, your behaviors, and changes you desire to accomplish. He truly helped save our lives!

**Posted on behalf of Damien B., a former client**

Steve has a unique ability to help you uncover truths about yourself by taking a hard look in the mirror. He gets right to the heart of the issue by being direct and honest. What I enjoyed most about working with Steve was his ability to educate and show me methods that truly helped me better understand myself. Steve doesn't just sit and listen and then tell you what to do. He really truly cares about your well being and is rooting for you along the way with a genuine enthusiasm. When you work with him, you begin to figure things out on your own more and more. Steve helped me through several difficult times in my life and I can truly say I am a more well rounded person as a result of his counseling. Steve was always flexible and even had me call him directly without an appointment when I was struggling with something. Very talented guy who cares about his patients. Highly recommended. 
**Posted on behalf James T., a former client**

My journey with Dr. Walker started over 7 years ago. Struggling with substance and alcohol abuse most of my adult life, I reached my lowest point and was going to throw in the towel on my sobriety, marriage and family. My wife was searching on the internet for treatment options for me, when the first one that loaded was the website for Dr. Steve Walker. Reading his Bio, training and his experience with Pacific Islanders is what resonated with this prideful Samoan and I decided to give sobriety another chance. At my very first session, I made a connection with Dr. Walker and felt comfortable trusting him with my deepest feelings, struggles and fears that I guarded with alcohol. Thread by thread, Dr. Walker was able to help me unravel the years of conditioning and cultural stigmas of the woven suit of armor I hid behind. As each thread was unraveled and reflected upon, Dr. Walker helped me release the layers and layers of the emotional fabric of my past. These layers were taking up valuable spaces in my head that prevented me from facing my demons, appreciating myself and living an alcohol free life. As I shed each layer and used the tools Dr. Walker taught me on counter acting my own thoughts, I felt the weight of my armor lighten. Today, I am still using these tools to sew a new suit, one much lighter, more manageable and one that will let me breathe and face my challenges head-on instead of masking them. I recommend Dr. Walker to anyone needing help to peel back their own layers. He's not only a great psychologist, but an awesome and caring individual. You're worth it, so give him a call!! J.T.
**Posted on behalf of A.G., a former client**
Throughout the course of my life I have been to well over a handful of psychologists without much success. When I found Dr. Walker, I came into the first session with a closed mind and judged it with skepticism. Normally when I do this, the Doctors typically give up on trying to get through to me and we end up parting ways after a few awkward sessions. Dr. Walker was different. He treated me like a human being and painstakingly worked through my heavy layers of cynicism and gloom. He takes a very practical (and all natural!) approach that made me feel like I wanted to try and work with him to resolve my issues. After breaking down those initial walls, Dr. Walker worked just as diligently to get through the remaining issues until I was in one of the healthiest states of mind I have possessed in my life. I cannot thank Dr. Walker enough, and if you are even thinking about seeing him you should stop reading this and contact him immediately. Sincerely, A.G.