Counseling in Tampa

Q: Why is it important to work with a licensed professional?
A: You wouldn't go to an unlicensed dentist would you? You wouldn't go to an unlicensed doctor if you're sick, or leave your children at an unlicensed school, right? Would you have an unlicensed contractor work on your house? Then why would you work on your thinking and emotions with someone who is not well trained and licensed?

Q: Does working with a psychologist really help?
A: In 1986 Howard and his colleagues found that 50% of patients were measurably improved by the end of the eighth session, and that 75% of patients were measurably improved by the end of six months.  Most studies have demonstrated that a combination of psychology and medication is considered a “Best Practice.”  The bigger question is, why don’t psychiatrists and general practitioners prescribe more psychotherapy?  The answer to that question is that prescribing medication makes more money because therapy takes more time and many doctors can see more patients by quickly prescribing medication.  In reality, most "psychiatric" conditions have their beginnings in a psychological, emotional, or environmental event that caused the individual to experience intense negative emotions. Yes, there are organic brain abnormalities, but these make up only a small percentage of the population.




Frequently Asked Questions

Wouldn't the world be a much safer place if we were all working on our thoughts and emotions? If there is no shame in focusing on your physical health, then there is no shame in working on your mental health. My name is Dr. Steven Walker and I challenge you to do this work and put down the self-help books and quick fixes. We can talk by phone and/or online with Skype (DrStevenWalker), FaceTime, or ZOOM. Read my Google reviews. You can find interesting and helpful information about psychology on my Facebook and YouTube page, join my network on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter